Specialist Training Database

During the EURACT Council Meeting held in Mosta, Malta during May 2008, the Specialist Training Committee agreed that a Survey on Specialist Training in General Practice / Family Medicine be carried out.

At the Council Meeting in Witten, Germany (October 2009), the Specialist Training Committee decided on the final revision and adjustment of the survey and that it be put on the original version of the EURACT website as a web-based survey. Each country representative in EURACT was made responsible to complete and update data for his/her country on the relevant webpage.

When the website www.euract.eu was launched in 2011, the survey was re-vamped in September 2012 as a Dynamic Interactive Database of Specialist Training in General Practice/Family Medicine which was then transfered to the present website www.euract.woncaeurope.org when this was set up in June 2016.

To view the data for a specific country, please select the country name from the drop-down menu on the right. EURACT national representatives, who are responsible for keeping their country’s information up-to-date, may do so after logging in with their individual username and password.