Member Services Committee


  • Nikos Georgiannos


  • Maria Wendler
  • Adam Windak
  • Denise Alexandra Cunha Velho
  • Esra Saatci
  • Monica J. Bojkoska
  • Renzo de Gabriele
  • Pavlo Kolesnyk
  • Spyros Klinis
  • Yolanda Ortega Vila



The MSC aims to promote EURACT membership. Our responsibilities include:

- Improving the attractiveness of EURACT membership and communication with members;

- Advising on EURACT external visibility and marketing strategies;

- Advising the Executive Board about subjects pertaining to members, such as membership procedures, and provide documents/digital forms for simple members and OiCs;  

- Providing check-lists & documents for courses, conferences and meetings organisers;

- Providing criteria for selecting bursaries for EURACT sponsorship;

- Conducting the selection process of candidates for sponsored places in EURACT courses and conferences.