Leonardo EURACT Level 2 Course for Trainers in Family Medicine, 31 March - 2 April 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine

This course is conducted as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme Project: Framework for Continuing Educational Development of Trainers in General Practice in Europe (Project n° 2010-1- PL1-LEO05-11460) and is organized by a consortium
of partners with a leading role being taken by the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT).

In order to deliver high quality patient care within a primary health care sector a programme of specialty training and continuing education for European GPs is a crucial matter. Such education programmes require a skilled workforce of general practitioner teachers, who need to be trained for this purpose. The Leonardo EURACT courses are based on an expertise model for GP teachers, with courses at 3 levels. This level 2 course is aimed at competent teachers who have participated in a level 1 (new teachers) course (or its  quivalent), are actively involved in GP teaching, and will facilitate development as a teacher to the level of proficient. It is focused on providing in depth understanding of teaching methods, spending a whole day on each of three content areas.

The Leonardo EURACT course level 2 course will provide high quality resource materials to each participant to help them during the course and to enable them to cascade their new competences through providing follow up courses at home. Teaching methods will be active and participatory and the course will address the needs of those involved in department based teaching as well as individual trainers. Participants will be encouraged to deliver courses in their home environment, both to novices and to their peers where appropriate. Each of the modules has its own learning aims.

The course will last for three full days, virtually all in small group workshops. There will be an introduction and group forming session, then each participant will rotate through three one-day modules, selecting three of the four modules available on this course at the
time of application. If there are no places left in one of your three choices you will be allocated to your fourth choice. (You will be provided with the course materials for all four modules)

Professor Ruth Kalda (Estonia)
Small Groups Leadership and Facilitation
this module looks at how small groups work, leadership and facilitation.

Dr Renzo De Gabriele (Malta)
Managing Problem Trainees
this module will consider what problems may present to teachers and how these may be managed.

Dr Martine Granek-Catarivas (Israel)
Teaching from the Consultation
this module will look at the principles of teaching from the consultation and some of the methods in use.

Dr Dimitrios Karanasios (Greece)
Small Groups Leadership and Facilitation
this module looks at how small groups work, leadership and facilitation.

The information leaflet / registration form may be downloaded from here

Event date: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 00:00 to Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 00:00