Continuing Medical Education Committee


  • Jáchym Bednář


  • Ruth Kalda
  • Razvan Miftode
  • Péter Vajer
  • Jo Buchanan
  • Vesna Homar
  • Elena Andreeva
  • Pavlo Kolesnyk


The CPD committee aims to improve teaching  in family medicine by further developing general practice continuing medical education. We plan to achieve this by:

1. giving an overview/comparison  of CME  systems in Europe;

2. identifying the learning needs of teachers in CME

3. providing appropriate tools and methods that teachers could use to teach themes existing in CME on our website

4. These tools/methods may be presented  as live courses (peers to peers ) or as  written publications, guidelines, online programs, e-lectures

We implement these aims using the  expertise of Euract teachers