Basic Medical Education Committee


  • Helena Karppinen


  • Francesco Carelli
  • Alex Harding
  • Anne Simmenroth
  • Natalia Zarbailov
  • Sonata Varvuolyte
  • Odd Martin Vallersnes
  • Valentina Madjova
  • Milena Cojić
  • Alessandra Clementi
  • Nino Kiknadze
  • Inguna Locmele

Introduction - Aims and Policy

The BME Committee aims to improve undergraduate teaching and learning in family medicine by further developing undergraduate medical education through:

  • providing mapping of the BME situation in Europe;
  • providing a minimal core curriculum to be used;
  • underlining the usefulness of early clinical exposure;
  • creating checklists for course organisers;
  • issuing statements on the necessity of this teaching in all medical universities;
  • strengthening teaching by getting advice from professionals from all European countries;
  • helping in developing European curriculum standards in family medicine for undergraduates.

The Committee bases its tools on the latest scientific evidence and on information from all European countries.