Ask the Expert!

As from June 2013, EURACT Council members have been available to answer questions from EURACT members through this ‘Ask the Expert!’ page on the EURACT website.

Members can ask EURACT's experts about a problem they are facing or regarding a topic of interest to them, such as:
• Questions about teaching, learning, education – methods, evaluation, assessment, e-learning, distance learning;
• Help in the field of educational research (references, leading experts, websites and so on);
• Assistance to establish contacts with Council or EURACT members from different countries;
• Details about education in Family Medicine in different European countries;
• Questions about EURACT workshops and conferences or about the courses’ agendas;
• Help with links to receive financial support through grants, stipends, sabbaticals, etc.;
• Meeting interesting people from different countries who work as family medicine trainers and organising exchanges of ideas and experiences;
• Starting a project and seeking consultation or help in this area.

Please email your question to